Naturopathic Services

Initial Consultation
Up to 2 hours, $425

Naturopathic visits are very thorough. Our practitioners will delve into your current complaint, your personal medical history, family medical history, social history (lifestyle factors like diet, stress, sleep, etc.), a general review of all body systems, and any pertinent physical exams. If you have any recent or relevant lab work or imaging, that is a great start. If not and lab work is necessary, our practitioners are happy to help you with that process.

Extended Consultation
Up to 1 hour, $195

Visit is intended for patients who are following up with lab reviews. Also, for established patients of Urban Medicine who have not visited within the last 12 months.

Follow-Up Consultation
Up to 45 minutes, $175

In-person or phone follow-up.



Reiki Session with Jenevie
45 minutes, $88

The 45-minute Reiki session is great for checking in and rebalancing chakras. This is for someone who needs a quick grounding and time to destress. It is a wonderful addition to a regular self-care routine.

Package of Five with Jenevie
Five 90-minute sessions, $670

Save $50 with the Package of Five when working with Jenevie!

Extended Reiki Session with Jenevie
90 minutes, $144

Jenevie’s most popular session. Spend time connecting with Jenevie. Then pull divination cards to gain insight, and see what allies show up to aid your healing. The last hour in a ceremonial process, which includes smudging, essential oils, Reiki energy work, and much more!



Initial Chinese Medicine Consultation
90 minutes, $150

Follow-Up Chinese Medicine Consultation
60 minutes, $120

Community Acupuncture
30 minutes, walk-ins only, $40

Thursdays: 11:00am-2:00pm
Saturdays: 9:00am-2:00pm



Dr. Wood is amazing. She has been extremely helpful in assisting me with my recovery from adrenal fatigue. Dr. Wood not only offers B12 shots, but she also offers comprehensive care and other ideas to help one reach their optimal wellness.
— Peter D.
Dr. Shannon’s weekly B12 Happy Hour sessions have helped me greatly through times of stress and travel. She has a holistic and comprehensive approach and is generous with her time to make sure all treatment options are explored.
— Megan P.