Lab Tests Offered

Hormone Testing
Access Labs, $200-$400

Whether it's hot flashes, fatigue, or brain fog, hormones are often at the root of the problem. This easy, pain-free method of testing hormones can determine your levels of estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, and cortisol (and several others!). This test comes from a saliva sample that you collect throughout the day at home.

Food Sensitivity Testing
U.S. Biotek Labs, $200-$400

Gastrointestinal issues aren't the only indication of a food sensitivity. Often times, seemingly unconnected conditions such as migraines, eczema, or even rheumatoid arthritis, can be attributed to food sensitivities. This test is a simple finger prick that can be done in office, or in the comfort of your own home.


Micronutrient Testing
Genova Labs/SpectraCell Labs, $200-$400

Many of us strive to eat a well-balanced diet, yet sometimes we are unable to absorb the necessary nutrients. This test is also good for those who want reassurance that they are absorbing an optimal amount of nutrients from their diet. Analyzing blood and urine, this test can show which nutrients you are deficient in (or not!) and a targeted, individualized plan can be made to thoroughly support you.


Stool Testing
Genova Labs, $200-$400

New research has shown that conditions like dementia, asthma, and allergies are tied to the health of the microbes that live in our gut. This test can show exactly which bacteria are residing in your intestines and how plentiful they are. It can detect inflammation, infection, insufficiency of nutrients, and imbalances of the microbiome. This test is key for those with IBS, allergies, recurrent yeast infections, and many other conditions

Neurotransmitter Testing
Labrix Labs, $200-$400

Feeling imbalanced, anxious, or blue? We can accurately test your urine to determine the current state of your neurotransmitters. Then, we formulate a tailored plan targeting your brain health, vital to restoring your overall health balance.

General Labs/Screening
Quest, LabCorps, Access Labs, $200-$400

We also offer traditional labs that help to screen for potential health issues and diagnose concerns. These labs are often blood tests that we can draw in office or you can schedule with a draw station located throughout the Bay Area. Our goal is to help you be as informed as possible about your health. We also offer a low price cash pay option for those without insurance.



After seeing Dr. Wood for over 2 years now my overall health and well being have improved significantly under her care. I encourage any woman that is having a rough menopause to call Dr. Shannon Wood and make an appointment to see her.... no need to suffer through menopause when we have someone like Dr. Wood to help us!
— Jeanne T.
I’ve been seeing Dr. Wood for about a year now for some difficult health issues. I’ve found her to be extremely generous with her time, an incredible listener, and extremely well informed about supplements and health overall. Everything she has reccomended for me has helped.
— Miss M.