IV Therapies

Easy Does It Drip

Just like it sounds, this drip will help you ease into IV nutrient therapy as you begin your journey to revitalize your health. It includes a combination of vitamins and minerals commonly known as the Myers’ Cocktail. Some of these key nutrients include Vitamin C, B Complex, Calcium, Magnesium, Selenium and Zinc. This is our recommendation for first-timers. Go for it!

Kick Butt Immune Drip

Beat the cold or flu, or avoid them completely! Boost your body’s immune system with a strong infusion of important pathogen-fighting vitamins and minerals, such as B Complex, Selenium and the Dynamic Duo of Vitamin C and Zinc. This drip is packed with amino acids, antioxidants and it's antibacterial and antiviral. Let this drip save your day!

Work Hard Play Hard Drip

Many of us use up almost all of we've got, especially after a challenging work week or an overly festive weekend. Now it’s time to restore nutrients lost from all the hard work and play, to rebalance critical hormones and to support organs such as the often abused adrenal glands. This Drip contains a combination of B Vitamins, extra B5, amino acids, and electrolytes to restore your health. Great for hangovers and after travel!

Just Relax Drip

Anxious, irritable and can't sleep? This is the perfect combination to reduce anxiety, PMS symptoms such as irritability, and insomnia. This drip contains a soothing combination of vitamins and minerals that includes Magnesium, extra B6, B12 and most important, a combination of amino acids to support neurotransmitter function and hormone balance. Serenity for all the senses!

Fountain of Youth Drip

When you look in the mirror, do you look older than you feel? Let this drip slow down the aging process and support your overall health and wellbeing. While you are relaxing in our IV drip lounge, you can be rejuvenating your body with essential anti-aging, hair, skin and bone-building nutrients, B Vitamins and extra Vitamin C for collagen production. Ageless beauty, inside and out!

Rock Your World Drip

Chasing the never-ending to-do list? Trying to bring to life big ideas? Your battery must be running low.  The good news is that your battery is rechargeable. Lounge in one of our drip rooms while you get revved up again with our unique version of the Myers' Cocktail. This natural, non-stimulating drip contains a mega boost of B Vitamins, Vitamin C, a blend of amino acids and many other vitamins and minerals that support optimal energy levels for those constantly on the GO! Let's get energized!