Is Better Health Your Resolution? Discover IV Nutrient Therapy!

An Urban Medicine IV nutrient treatment is an ideal way to start the new year. You can choose which of the six Urban Medicine IV nutrient treatments sounds right for you. Then experience the ease, efficiency, and comfort of the Urban Medicine lounge with our experienced naturopathic doctors ensuring your pleasant, spa-like break from your busy week.

How many of us are weekend warrior athletes? With the amazing mountains, trails, beaches, and parks, many of us enjoy playing as hard as we have been working all week. Doesn’t matter if you are a millennial or a baby boomer heading into retirement, we all want to stay fit.

Even a recent study concedes that while not exercising the whole week and then exercising most of the weekend might not be the best way to avoid injury, there are health benefits to all that exercise, even if it is condensed into a weekend, or whenever we have enough time to enjoy the outdoors and be athletic.

Just like if you don’t always eat as clean and nutrient dense as you know you should, eating healthy sometimes is better than never at all! If the diets or exercise plans we are following are too complicated or unrealistic, we struggle to meet our new year’s resolution goals. Many of us crave the structure and accountability, but if the new routine we hope will improve our health in the new year is too difficult to maintain, we might give up entirely. Don’t give up! Let Urban Medicine help you maintain and improve your health!

Urban Medicine fits into your schedule like it was meant to be! Book your IV nutrient therapy visit and improve your health with a direct flow of antioxidants and immune boosting nutrients. Rehydrate, recharge and support detoxification in a gentle way. Don’t be surprised if you are complimented on your glowing skin as you head through your week energized and with improved mental clarity.

“Our goal is to support the everyday person’s needs,” says Dr. Shannon Wood Gallegos, the founder of Urban Medicine and an experienced naturopathic doctor. The Urban Medicine naturopathic doctors know how much it takes for everyone to get through their day, with the Bay Area traffic, stress, and demands of work.

You also want to make sure you have enough energy to enjoy your social life with friends and family, and get out there and have fun! Either as a weekend warrior athlete or curling up with a good book in the ski lodge or however you like to spend your well-earned free time. Nourish your health today with an Urban Medicine treatment of safe, high-quality therapeutic nutrients. Your health is our top priority at Urban Medicine.

Experience your optimal health in 2018!