Overworked Adrenal Glands? Look at HPA Axis!

Are you ready for 2017? In the last blog of 2016, we looked at how having adrenal fatigue or adrenal burnout or adrenal exhaustion is not just about the adrenal glands. As more research reveals how connected the adrenal glands are with the pituitary gland (located at the base of the brain) and the hypothalamus (in the brain), this critical system called the HPA axis, is where the focus is on restoring and rebuilding not only adrenal gland health but overall optimal hormonal health.

Adrenal fatigue (or adrenal burnout or adrenal exhaustion) is now more accurately referred to as HPA dysregulation because of the current insight into the correlation between the adrenal glands and the pituitary gland (the “master gland” that controls other endocrine glands), and the hypothalamus (which links the nervous system to the endocrine system via the pituitary gland). The adrenal glands are located above your kidneys, in the middle of your lower back. How the HPA axis works is complex, but we do know that it is key to fixing adrenal-related health problems. The cause for your exhaustion, cravings for caffeine, sugar and fatty foods, difficulty sleeping, and inability to positively regulate your moods or handle stress, can be addressed.

Starting with a salivary hormone test, one of our experienced Naturopathic Doctors at Urban Medicine will be able to look at the big picture of your health, starting with the HPA axis. You might need adaptogenic herbs such as Rhodiola and Holy Basil, but it is important to choose the one appropriate for your hormonal situation. For balanced hormone health, there is not a one size fits all but specific, unique supplementation with a defined health plan for each individual who is having difficulties with their adrenal health and hormones.

You have started the hard work of realizing you have a health issue and are trying to improve your health. Making time for a daily exercise routine, eating healthy, fresh, nutrient-dense whole foods, and minding alcohol and caffeine over-consumption are incredible positive improvements! Don’t be discouraged if you still are not energized or feeling as good as you know must be possible. The Naturopathic Doctors at Urban Medicine are skilled at understanding each unique health situation. We are eager to help you start 2017 with a new health plan to improve your adrenal health, your HPA axis and get you back out there enjoying what you love to do, be it hiking in the Marin Headlands, sailing in the bay, or cycling through Napa.

Here’s to a healthy 2017 with renewed good energy!

Be well,