Special Event: Let's learn together about adrenal fatigue!



Exhausted? Trouble sleeping? Trouble losing weight? The doctor says your thyroid is normal, but you still feel something isn’t quite right? These could be symptoms of adrenal fatigue. In our stressful day to day lives, we often come to rely on the little organs that sit atop our kidneys and make our stress hormone: cortisol. If we lean too heavily on them, they start to work sub-optimally; leaving us tired, wired, moody, and waking unrefreshed. Come hear the doctors of Natural Hormone Center speak about the common symptoms, testing for, and treating adrenal fatigue.

Date: Tuesday, March 7th 2017
Time: 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Address: 25 Evergreen Ave. Suite 1 Mill Valley, CA 94941
Cost: Free - However, Space is Limited: RSVP today by calling 415-569-2110 or by emailing info@urbanmedicine.co

Lecture presented by Dr. Michaela Falkner