Areas of Expertise

Fatigue and Exhaustion

Our practitioners treat fatigue and exhaustion with a comprehensive and holistic approach. Reiki offers a peaceful calm, allowing you to attune to your body’s needs and ease stressful emotions. Acupuncture can be used to calm yang energy, stimulate yin energy, and support the immune system - a powerful source of energy While thyroid dysfunction is a common cause, our naturopathic doctors examine lab results, diet, adrenal function, and inflammation in order to customize treatment. Life is busy and beautiful, you should not be dragged down by fatigue and exhaustion.

Sleep Disturbances

Sleep disturbances can be caused by a myriad of disorders. Excess stress, adrenal dysfunction, hormone dysregulation, thyroid disorders, and lifestyle choices can all attribute to endless nights of unrestful sleep. The practitioners at Urban Medicine are experts in pinpointing the reasons you struggle to sleep and will help you peacefully wind down at the end of the day.


Anxiety doesn't have to be treated with a pharmaceutical pill. The doctors and wellness professionals at Urban Medicine are well versed in a complete range of effective solutions that can alleviate anxiety naturally so you feel like yourself again. Naturopathic doctors provide personalized treatment plans that can include neurotransmitter testing, elimination of food sensitivities, supplement recommendations, and increased connection with nature. Our practitioners provide a well-rounded approach that does not just treat anxiety but restores balance, increases vitality and improves attitude.


Weight Management

Beyond basic diet and exercise, our naturopathic doctors can help you find the root causes of weight gain. Stress, hormones, and food sensitivities wreak havoc on the gastrointestinal tract, making it difficult to shed unwanted pounds and absorb vital nutrients. The Urban Medicine naturopathic doctors receive over 400 hours of professional nutritional education and offer customized plans for weight loss and management. Acupuncture can aid weight loss by creating a relaxing effect, easing excessive eating brought on by stress or frustration. When we improve your overall well-being, you achieve proper processing, digestion, and weight management.

Thyroid Dysfunction

Fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, constipation, and anxiety are common symptoms of thyroid dysfunction. The Urban Medicine naturopathic doctors offer diligent testing, pharmaceutical recommendations, and natural solutions with exceptional success rates. Thyroid dysfunction creates symptoms specific to your body; our naturopathic doctors build a treatment plan to balance your thyroid levels and ease your symptoms. Acupuncture and Reiki are a fantastic addition to thyroid treatment, as they work to balance your emotional state and can repair and recharge the body when it’s depleted and exhausted.

Fertility, Menopause, Menstruation

Regardless of your phase in life, we can help you achieve your health goals. Naturopathic doctors at Urban Medicine offer trained expertise in hormone management and fertility. With a close examination of symptoms, lab results and menstrual history, doctors will be able to recommend a nutritional plan, identify stressors, and offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. With a sophisticated and multi-faceted approach to women's health, our practitioners have helped many amazing women thrive.


Gastrointestinal Issues

Proper gut health is incredibly important, even more so than we realize. Our practitioners work with you to ease painful and uncomfortable symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), heartburn/GERD, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), constipation, Microbiome Dysbiosis, Crohn's Disease and more. Urban Medicine’s naturopathic doctors, Reiki practitioners, and acupuncturists are all able to support your health journey while tackling G.I. distress. The calming effects of Reiki, the encouraging energy flow of acupuncture, and the customized treatment and testing with a naturopathic doctor will leave you feeling supported and empowered.  


Acne and Skin Health

Our naturopathic approach to skincare is unique, natural, and effective. Naturopathic dermatology aims to reveal the root cause of your skin problem and uses treatments with a “First Do No Harm” approach. Skin conditions are often an indication that an imbalance exists within the body. Areas we explore when treating skin conditions: hormonal imbalances, blood sugar dysregulation, nutrient deficiencies, oxidative damage, gut microbiome dysbiosis, food sensitivities/allergies and inflammation.  


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